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Twitter online surveys

Twitter is one of the fastest growing online communities. More often it is used as a communication channel with clients, sales channel and customer support channel. It is also great resource to learn about your customers (their opinions, preferences, expectations) and conduct online surveys. Read more ...

online survey

Right scale selection for online survey

Are you wondering what scale you should use for your online survey? Below you will find a few examples of different scales that may be used in your surveys. Read more ...

Likert scale

Likert scale in surveys and market research

Likert scale was introduced to survey research in 1930. Scale name comes from Rensis Likert (1903 - 1981), an American psychologist, educator, and sociologist. It is a bipolar scale with interval-levels that measure respondent attitudes and opinions. Read more ...

best survey tool

Best online survey tool

Are you searching for the best online survey tool? You found the right one - it is SurveyLab. You will love our easy-to-use survey software, multi-language surveys, branding, results export, and great user support. Read more ...


SurveyLab online surveys usage example by BALAJCZA

Online surveys helped us to learn about expectations of our new customers and maintain good and long-term relations with existing ones. Read more ...

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