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Improved survey workflow management

MySurveyLab version 1.5 is ready. This time changes are so significant, so we decided to make big step in version number. The most important changes include new workflow for surveys and collectors, new invoice data and new pagination mechanism. Read more ...

short links

Simple way for short URL

MySurveyLab's survey links are hashed. This is one of the security mechanisms embedded in our system. We do this to prevent accidental people from accessing the survey by entering random strings. This does not mean, however, that your survey links must also be long. Below you will find 5 ways to get short links to surveys and tests. Read more ...


Enterprise project management maturity survey

Together with PMI GB we have conducted enterprise project management maturity research for companies from Northern Poland. The goal of the project is to measure project management maturity level and to learn what role projects plays in the surveyed organizations. Read more ...


MySurveyLab has a new logo

MySurveyLab version (1.2) is available. In addition, to enhance system functionality we started to work on our graphics and visualization. In the beginning, we refreshed our logo. Read more ...


We are helping Polish Humanitarian Organization

MySurveyLab is helping Polish Humanitarian Organization (PHO) and Program “Pajacyk” in web service users research. "We want to know who is visiting the most popular charitable site in the polish internet - what are their motivations, needs and opinions" said PHO. Thanks to PHO will prepare comprehensive analysis of web site and its users. It will provide guidelines for site and program modifications. Read more ...

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