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Last updated: 10 APR 2022

The new version of MySurveyLab (17.4) is now ready. This time we have something special for you. Mobile application that allows offline data collection (Android and iOS devices) and open-ended questions coding. Among many changes you will find :

  • Mobile survey app
  • Open-ended questions coding
  • Other changes and improvements

Mobile survey app

MySurveyLab just gained brand new super powers. Our first mobile application allows you to collect data offline using smartphones and tablets equipped with Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems. All data is saved in the application on your mobile device and then synchronized with your MySurveyLab account, as soon as you regain WiFi or mobile network coverage. For the purposes of the application, we also added a new user role Pollster. Pollster can only take surveys and doesn't have access to any other elements of the system.

The functionality can be used in mystery shopper surveys, feedback and field research, and even to collect sales leads during conferences, events or wherever your customers are.

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* Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.

Open-ended questions coding

The functionality allows describing (coding) open-ended questions in the survey report. As you finish your research you will be able to create a list of tags and then use them to describe collected responses. This feature allows for easy and quick analysis of descriptive data.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced a number of minor changes and improvements. We have added an option to edit comment field labels, as well as new option (30 seconds) for survey / test time limits. We have updated our online help and corrected a number of errors.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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