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The Pitfalls of Using Double Barreled Questions in Customer Feedback Surveys

The Pitfalls of Using Double Barreled Questions in Customer Feedback Surveys

What are double-barreled questions, when to avoid them, and when to use them? Read our guide! Read more ...

Choice question with search box

New choice question with a search box

Read what has changed in SurveyLab (22.9.5). We have prepared a new type of question for you (choice question with a search box) and we have also improved several system functionalities. Read more ...

SurveyLab 2019

6 breakthrough changes in surveys in 2019

In 2019, over 4.3 billion people used the Internet worldwide. It is over 1 billion people more than a year ago. Over 50% of Internet traffic was generated by mobile devices. Almost one in ten transactions for the purchase of goods or services in the US takes place online. Read more ...

Surveys for blind people

Surveys accessible for blind people

The new version of SurveyLab is now available (22.0.0). Our surveys are now compliant with the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard and therefore accessible to blind and visually impaired people. Read more ...

Market research questions

25 popular questions, to better understand your customers and market

Nowadays, marketing and sales are data driven. Almost every decision requires analysis and in-depth knowledge of the market, customers and competition. On the other hand, the flood of information can overwhelm. Below you will find 25 questions that will help you work better basing on the knowledge, build effective strategies, and make the right decisions. Read more ...

Drag and drop question

Create Survey with drag&drop interface

It is spring time and we are changing for you. The new version of MySurveyLab (21.1) is now available. Among the changes you will find a completely new survey editor with a drag and drop mechanism, the possibility of editing active surveys and updated carry forward question. Read more ...

SurveyLab 2018

Top 10 changes in SurveyLab in 2018 year

This year was exceptionally rich in terms of changes in our system. Work has progressed in many areas: from new functionalities and improvements in the user interface to server infrastructure and security issues. As there were too many changes, we decided to present the ones that are the most important for our clients. Read more ...

Capterra's TOP 20

SurveyLab among the top 20 survey software

SurveyLab was recognized by Capterra (a Gartner company) as one of the best survey software on the market. With over 250 survey software providers listed on Capterra we have ranked on 14th place, which is a big achievement. Read more ...

Report trends

Trends, Survey statistics

Track your research projects' status and main metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES). We are happy to announce new SurveyLab with survey statistics, trends, new data export format, and many small corrections and improvements. Read more ...

Surveys tags

New SurveyLab. Online surveys. Questionnaires. Tests.

We are very excited to announce a brand new SurveyLab (13.4). This is the biggest system release so far, with a redesigned user interface, improved performance, and brand new features. Read more ...

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