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Integration with Online Survey Panel

SurveyLab works with any online survey panel, incl. CINT, MyPanelLab, iWadi,, ConsumerFieldwork, or Dynata (ResearchNow/SSI).

To start a panel research project :

Survey Panel

  1. Log into your Survey Panel.
  2. Create a new research project and copy redirection links.



  1. Log into SurveyLab.
  2. Go to survey collector Settings and add redirection links (from Survey Panel).
  3. Set option response Key for URL only and SAVE collector settings.


Go to page (URL). This is a redirection link for a completed survey. When the respondent finishes the survey he / she will be redirected to this URL.

Screen-out (URL). This is redirection for the respondents that have not qualified for the survey. It is used for the screen-out questions with End survey logic. This kind of question should be placed at the beginning of your questionnaire.

Quota full (URL). This is a redirection link for the research project completed when a required number of responses is collected.

Survey Panel

  1. Go into your Survey Panel and paste survey URL link copied from the SurveyLab collector link share page.
  2. Add /crk/[Your-ID]/ parameter at the end of your survey link.

Survey link example[Your-ID]/

* Response Key functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.