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Multi-language surveys

Create multiple language versions of your survey and make each respondent see the same survey in his/her mother tongue.

Do you work in an international corporation? Are your clients or suppliers located in other countries? Do you need to conduct surveys between people who speak different languages? SurveyLab will help you create multi-language versions of the same survey. Thanks to this feature respondents will be able to see the surveys in their native languages.

Automatic language detection

SurveyLab automatically detects web browser language and displays proper language version of your survey. In case a different language is required respondent will be able to change it manually using select-box.

Custom buttons

Do you need more customizations? You can even change buttons labels and system communicates.

Multi-language reports

If you created a survey in multiple languages you will be able to analyze your survey results in the same languages, and your reports will automatically become multilingual.

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