Partner Program

This is instruction made for Partner program participants. For each closed sale you will be granted with a 20% commission counted from the net value of the sales. Net value is a value before VAT tax. It means that if you recommend our service and the customer purchases a SurveyLab subscription then 20% of the net value of the transaction will be transferred to your account, e.g. if your total sales in the quarter is 10000 EUR net, then your commission will be 2000 EUR.

Minimal value of withdrawal is 100 EUR. Payment is made after receiving the VAT invoice.

How can I become a Partner.

To become a Partner you need :

  1. Have active SurveyLab account. You can sign up for free in SurveyLab.
  2. You need to be a legal entity or natural person conducting business activity, as the payments are made after receiving the VAT invoice.

How can I use a Partner account.

Partner account gives you access to your Partner code and allows you to track your sales progress.

To access Partner account :

  1. Sign into
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Go to Partner Program.

In the Partner panel you will see :

Your sales results - your sales results.

Partner code - this referral code allows us to automatically identify your sales and award you with the sales commission.

NOTE. Only sales made with your Partner code will qualify you to receive sales commissions.


How to use referral code

Just copy a Partner code and send it to your customer. Customer need to provide your Partner code during the payment process. That is all. Your commission will be calculated automatically.

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