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PowerPoint reports

SMS surveys. PowerPoint. Widgets.

Spring is coming and so are changes and new functionalities in SurveyLab. Among changes, you will find new package names, SMS surveys, export to PowerPoint, new survey widgets, and many other small changes and improvements. Read more ...

Surveys tags

New SurveyLab. Online surveys. Questionnaires. Tests.

We are very excited to announce a brand new SurveyLab (13.4). This is the biggest system release so far, with a redesigned user interface, improved performance, and brand new features. Read more ...

SurveyLab 2016

SurveyLab. Summary, 2016.

2016 has been very challenging for us. We have introduced over 20 big changes and new functionalities to our online survey software, including update of the survey design, data collection, data analysis and integration. Read more ...

Cross tab reports

Cross tab reports, Video support

We are very happy to announce release of new version (12.6.2) of SurveyLab online survey software. Among new features, you will find cross-tab reports (with option to analyze multiple variables), video support and new (simplified) sing up process. Read more ...

Sona Systems integration

Surveys for Universities, Sona Systems integration

We are happy to announce new partnership and integration with Sona Systems a leading subject based pool software for universities and academy. Sona is used by more than 1000 customers (over 7.2 million users) in 30 countries, including all of the top 50 universities in the US and all of the top 10 in Canada, as well as 75% of the world’s top business schools, and all of the Australian Go8 and UK’s RAE 2008 4-star and 3-star ranked universities. Read more ...

Slack integration

Slack integration, Team work

New SurveyLab version (12.5.1) has been almost in 100% devoted to teamwork. We have not only redesigned multi-user support functionality but we have also prepared integration with Slack, one of the most popular tools that support teamwork and effective communication. Read more ...

Online tests

Create own online tests

Create your own online test with SurveyLab. We are happy to introduce a new (12.4.1) version of our survey and test software created for online knowledge tests, competence tests, and quizzes. Thanks to the new functionality you will be able to easily create any test and collect results. With us you will be able to create assessment tests (product and services knowledge verification) for sales and customer support teams, recruitment tests for new employees, language knowledge tests or psychological tests. Read more ...

Zendesk integration

Zendesk, automatic ticket creation

New SurveyLab (12.3.1) version is ready and has a brand-new set of features. This time we have improved Zendesk integration and we have introduced automatic ticket creation in Zendesk based on collected survey responses. Among changes, you will also find automatic email notifications and improved security. Read more ...

Hot-spot question

Hot spot question and blocks of pages

We are happy to announce new MySurveyLab (12.1.1) online survey software version. Among many changes, you will find new hot spot question type, blocks of pages support, new reports filtering options (especially useful for projects conducted on research panels), and improved multi-language support. Read more ...

Respondents recruitment

How to recruit respondents?

One of the most common questions, especially among those making their first steps in research projects, concerns survey distribution and ways to reach survey respondents. How to make clients aware of the possibility to express their opinion and reach the desired sample keeping your response rate high? Read more ...

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