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Design online surveys

SurveyLab is ready to work immediately as you sign up. You don’t need to install any other software. All you need is a web browser.

Ready to work in seconds. Available 24/7.

No software to install
All you need is a web browser. To use SurveyLab you don’t need to install any software on your computer.

No restrictions
Ask any number of questions and collect any number of responses. Learn more about our subscription plans.

Design online surveys

Mobile surveys

SurveyLab automatically detects a device type and its screen resolution and scales your survey so it can fit the user’s device. This way you create a survey only once and it works on any device.

Any device support – pc/laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Responsive surveys
Automatic device and screen resolution detection.

Any device
Any device support. PC / laptop, tablet, smartphone surveys.

Hide question
Hide survey questions on selected device types.

Mobile surveys

Survey branding

SurveyLab enables you to manage survey appearance and behavior. Adjust the questionnaire colors to your needs, add logo and decide on which page respondents will be redirected after the survey completion.

Each survey can be different. You decide how.

Make your online survey look professional. Add logo to your online survey and survey results report.

Custom redirect
Set custom redirect to the selected web page after survey completion.

Survey themes
Adjust survey colors, fonts and more. Use one of our predefined color themes or design your own one.

Survey branding

Collect responses

Manage all your surveys in one place. SurveyLab allows you to combine survey results from multiple channels. You can collect responses with Email, SMS, WWW, Web Widget, Popup, QR Code, Mobile App, Facebook, Twitter, or our mailing system.

Manage all your surveys from one place.

Survey collectors
You decide how to collect survey responses. You can do it with Email, SMS, WWW, Web Widget, Popup, QR Code, Facebook, Twitter, or multiple channels at the same time.

Automatic email notifications about new survey responses. You can set notification frequency for each survey.

Your surveys will be as safe as in a bank. You can protect your survey with a password, limit access to selected IPs, and encrypt access to your survey with a secure 256-bit SSL / HTTPS certificate.

Collect responses

Reports & results analysis

Let SurveyLab do the hard work for you. Survey reports are created automatically in real-time. Thanks to this feature you will be able to start the analysis immediately as you launch your survey. Track opinions and measure satisfaction.

Every day we collect hundreds of thousands of responses for our customers.

Graphical real-time reports
SurveyLab is a real-time system. It means that survey reports are generated automatically as the first responses are collected. Thanks to this feature you don’t need to wait to start your survey analysis.

Question & time filters
Thanks to the survey filters you will be able to analyze your survey results directly in SurveyLab.

Export results
Export your survey results into an Excel (.xlsx), SPSS (.sav, .por), PowerPoint, PDF, or .csv file for any tool upload (SPSS, Statistica).

Reports & results analysis


Work on and share your survey results within a group. Engage your customers in the work on a research project and keep them up to date with the project’s progress.

Engage your customers in a survey project. Work in a team.

Copy survey
Copy your survey to another account.

Survey results sharing
Share your survey results with one click. All you need is to copy the report link (URL).

Add accounts for your clients or coworkers. Share your surveys or reports and work on your project in a team.


API & integration

SurveyLab has been designed to integrate with any software (CRM, SFA, Portal, eShop, mailing). We are ready to help you automate response collection and survey report distribution.

Automate your work. Integrate SurveyLab with a CRM, Portal, BI, or eShop.

Send survey invitations from any email account.

Response Key
For data collection process management.

For automatic data uploads and integration with any tool.

API & integration

Research panel

We offer access to one of the biggest online research panels with over 250 mln panelists in 150 countries. We work with Cint and Dynata to deliver the best sampling services.

Over 250 mln panelists in 150 countries.

150 countries. Over 250 mln panelists.

2 days or less. Very short time to conduct research and collect responses.

High quality. ISO certified, designed according to industry standards (ESOMAR).



We treat security very seriously. We apply security standards and mechanisms on every step and layer of our software.

Your data is secure. We are GDPR compliant.

Strong passwords. 2FA. We check the strength of your passwords.

Event log. You have access to all events that took place on your account.

SSL / HTTPS. Strong data transmission encryption.


Support & services

Customer support is one of our most important features. Our customers receive the best web and email support, and on-demand dedicated phone support. Additionally, we provide on-demand system development and integration with any tool or application.

Customer support is one of our most important features.

On-demand development
Do you need features that we don’t have yet? Let us know. We will build them for you.

White label surveys
Create questionnaires in your own domain name.

Priority support
Your requests always have the highest priority. Additionally, on your request, we can provide training or individual support of our consultants.

Support & services

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