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With SurveyLab you will easily upload survey results into your favorite statistical tool for in-depth statistical analysis. SurveyLab¬†provides online survey reports export to .csv,¬† .xlsx, .sav, .por .pptx data formats. This is an easy way to import your survey results into your favorite statistical tool (MS Excel, SPSS, R, or Statistica). Why export survey results if SurveyLab has advanced analytical features? For most of our users’ real-time graphical reports will be sufficient tool for data analysis. For those who are looking for advanced statistical features tools like SPSS, R or Statistica are irreplaceable.

Report filters

Filter your survey results by answer choices or time (date survey has been completed) and export only data you need to see.

Any code page support

We support all code pages (the way national characters are recorded in computer systems), this way your national characters will be always displayed correctly no matter what tool you will use.


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