Heat maps, surveys in email & other changes

Last updated: 07 DEC 2018

We are introducing new set of changes and system improvements for mysurveylab.com online surveys (11.1). This time we have improved features that have been developed in last weeks. Among changes you will find :

  • improved heat map question
  • change font size
  • draft version of survey translations
  • multi-page email embedded surveys
  • other changes

Improved heat map question

We have improved heat map question. Now you can select up to 10 different points on the picture. We will save information about each selected point and then we will visualize it on the report.

Change font size

We have added possibility to change font size for the whole questionnaire. You can select between big, medium and small font. You will need just one click to change the font size for your surveys.

Draft version of survey translations

Now you can turn on / off survey translations and work on them even during research project and publish your translation as soon as it will be ready.

Multi-page email embedded surveys

We have added support for multi-page surveys for email embedded surveys. If you have created multi-page survey and you select "survey in email" distribution method your respondent will see "Next page" button instead of "Finish survey" as he will press the button he will be redirected to mysurveylab.com to finish the survey.

Other changes

We have introduced a set of smaller changes and improvements, including updated mailing collector contacts export feature. Now it includes information like response ID and HTTP referrer.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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