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Last updated: 17 FEB 2021

Are you looking for SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics or SurveyGizmo alternative? Do you need professional survey software? You are in the right place. We have all you need and more. Since 2009 we are helping companies, organizations and individuals to measure customer satisfaction, NPS, conduct market research, develop competences (thanks to 360 surveys and online tests) and improve their organizations.

Among our customers are companies and organizations like Dropbox, Deutsche Bank, Abbott, AXA Group, OKI, IFS, Empik, City of Lublin, PARP, PHO and many more.



Why you should choose SurveyLab

5 reasons to choose SurveyLab


Two is better than one. We provide you with the advanced teamwork options including roles management (admin, manager, editor, viewer) and survey access management for a single questionnaire. You can add, remove or suspend users any time or change user privileges.

Mobile devices support

All our questionnaires are fully responsive. SurveyLab provides automatic device recognition and survey scaling to meet a device screen size and resolution. We provide the ability to hide survey questions for selected device types (pc / laptop, tablet, mobile).

On-demand development

We provide integration, work automation and on-demand development services. We work individually with each customer to deliver tailor-made IT solutions. We provide ready to use integrations with Zendesk, Cint, SalesForce, Google Analytics, LiveChat, SalesManago, Dropbox and PrestaShop. Imagine SurveyLab as three-star Michelin restaurant and surveymonkey as a fast-food chain restaurant. What would you choose?

Any language support

With Unicode (UTF) support we provide any language support and multi-language surveys. We support languages like Japanese, Chinese and Russian and right-to-left written languages like Hebrew, Persian (Farsi) and Arabic. Each language is saved as separate survey version. This way respondent can switch between languages and all data is aggregated into single report.


Either you are in Europe or in USA SurveyLab is for you. Our serves and all your data are located in a secured data center in France (EU). We are fully compliant with strict EU regulations including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and US security and data protection requirements.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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