Zendesk, automatic ticket creation

Last updated: 19 DEC 2017

New mysurveylab.com (12.3.1) version is ready and brand new set of features. This time we have improved Zendesk integration and we have introduced automatic ticket creation in Zendesk based on collected survey responses. Among changes you will also find automatic email notifications and improved security.

  • Zendesk integration
  • automatic email notifications
  • security
  • other improvements

Zendesk integration

Now you can automatically create ticket in zendesk.com basing on completed survey. Thanks to this functionality you can define metrics for your survey (e.g. low NPS score) than automatically create ticket in Zendesk for you support team. It will allow you to close the loop and provide end-to-end customer support.

We have added ability to transfer language parameter form Zendesk to mysurveylab.com. This way you will be able to display survey in a preferred language for your customer / respondent, even if you use embedded email surveys.

* Functionality available for Professional and Enterprise plans. Embedded email surveys are available for Enterprise plan.

automatic email notifications

Automatic email notifications about certain events e.g. low NPS score or negative opinion in customer satisfaction survey. As the survey is completed system will automatically verify rules that are connected to the metric and will send notification about an event. This way you will be able to act immediately to solve customer problem.

* Functionality available for Professional and Enterprise plans.


We have improved sing up form. Now it better takes care about your security and advises you how to chose secure and strong password.

We have also added option to generate new report link. If you have suspicion that your report link have been compromised you can generate new link with a single click. Old link will be automatically deactivated.

other improvements

We have updated Customers, Survey closed and Survey completed web sites. Those are next sites that have received new graphics. We have also implemented smaller changes and improvements so your experience with mysurveylab.com will be better.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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