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API token for Zendesk

This feature will allow you to automatically add an email and other selected information from Zendesk to SurveyLab and than basing on this information customize and send a survey.


STEP 1. Generate and get access to SURVEYLAB API TOKEN

  1. Go to account S Settings.
  2. Go to Integrations.
  3. Go to SURVEYLAB API TOKEN section and press Generate API token button.

STEP 2. Create and set up survey collector

  1. Go to your survey list and press Collectors button.
  2. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button.
  3. Enter the collector name.
  4. You can select between email (mailing invitations) and embedded email (mailing embedded survey) collector.
  5. Press SAVE button.

STEP 3. Get API connector URLs

  1. Go to your survey collector.
  2. Press Contacts.
  3. Press API link button.
  4. Copy selected survey link and replace information in brackets [ ... ].



  Description Example
apiToken API token generated in SurveyLab. yadfhjs
email Email on which system will send survey. email={{}}
crk Response Key (must be unique). crk={{}}
refferer Any kind of information. referrer={{ticket.url}}
language Survey language. language={{ticket.requester.language}}
custom1 Custom information. custom1={{}}
custom2 Custom information. custom2={{}}
... ... ...
custom8 Custom information. custom8={{}}

NOTE. Pair of email and crk must be unique per Collector, it means that with the above example URL setting you can have only one survey response for each ticket. If you need more then one response per ticket then crk value must be more complex and contain additional data that will make it unique.


STEP 4. Set up Extensions in Zendesk

  1. Log into Zendesk and go to Admin panel.
  2. Go to Extensions.
  3. Press add target button.
  4. Select URL target ».
  5. Set [1] Title, [2] URL target (URL that you have copied from and [3] Attribute name.
  6. Press [4] Submit button.

extensions configuration

  1. When you copy / paste chunks of URL (for example API token) it is important to check for extra spaces that may be added by Zendesk.
  2. It is important to use the suggestion feature for Zendesk variables.
  3. Zendesk suggester only works when you add each variable after the previous one, so you can't add a variable to the end of URL and then to its beginning.
NOTE. Submit / testing
  1. Default action of "submit" is to send test ping to API URL, when it is done right a test email should be visible on your collector contacts list (eg.
  2. If you tested properly then switch the "submit" action to Create target using previously added extension.

STEP 5. Set up Triggers in Zendesk

  1. Go to Triggers.
  2. Press Add trigger button.
  3. Enter trigger name.
  4. In Meet ALL of the following conditions press Add condition button and select Status | Is |Solved.
  5. In Actions press Add action button and select Notify target | SurveyLab survey.
  6. Enter Message.
  7. Press Create button.
triggers configuration

NOTE. Please remember that Zendesk trigger message can't be empty.