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Types of cookie files used by SurveyLab

SurveyLab uses different types of cookie files (the list is placed below). Files can be stored in a web browser on your computer. You can read how to manage web browser settings.

Session ID

Cookie files can store information how users use our service. They can include most often displayed pages and error communicates that can appear on some pages. This type of cookie helps us improve our services and improve the comfort of using

Discount code

Informs us if User has used a discount code. Thanks to this information we know if User received a discount and we can properly activate it in the system.

Sales code

Helps us better serve our customers and connect a client with a sales representative on site.


Information that enables navigation across the survey. Cookie files help us identify on which page survey is opened and direct respondent to the next page as he/she click on navigation button.