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Thank you for your interest in SurveyLab. Below you will find information that we created for journalists, bloggers, and all people who would like to learn what SurveyLab is.


SurveyLab is a professional online survey tool and questionnaire software that supports the survey creation process, automates response collection and report generation.

The system is a web application and no software except a web browser is needed to use it.

SurveyLab is available in four flavors: STARTER, ADVANCED, PROFESSIONAL, and ENTERPRISE plans. Paid access includes advanced features, like :

  • Mobile surveys
  • Branching & Skip logic
  • Any language support (including right-to-left written languages)
  • Multi-language surveys
  • Group work and survey results sharing
  • Enhanced security thanks to SSL / HTTPS support
  • Response filters & survey results export
  • Survey branding (color templates, logo)



SurveyLab is a product of 7 Points Ltd. fast-growing company located in Warsaw, Poland.


Our logo is very important to us and to our customers, therefore we prepared some guidelines on how to use it. Please read it before you download our logo.


Color small
(200 × 88 .png)


Color large
(400 × 175 .png)


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Black & white large
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Color image


Zen space
Please always place our logo on white or neutral backgrounds, away from page edges.

Please do not rotate the logo or change our colors, do not add special effects (for example shades), please also do not resize or change the proportions of the logo.

Kind request
When using our logo, place a link to our website



We have prepared a few SurveyLab print-screens for usage in different media.

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