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Zarządzanie kontaktami

We just introduced several new improvements to SurveyLab online survey software (10.2.4). This time we have focused on survey contacts management functionality. We have removed the recycle bin and improved "add contacts manually" feature.

  • recycle bin
  • contacts management
  • other improvements

Recycle bin

Now if you remove contact it will be deleted instantly from the database. There is no need to additionally delete contact from the recycle bin. This is a significant improvement for all our customers that manage big contacts databases.

Contacts management

We have corrected contact management functionality. Now you can add a new contact manually even though it is already in the database. In such case, only information about new contact groups will be added.

Other improvements

We have improved list of surveys in the reports module. Now default setting for the list is sort with newest surveys on top. We have also introduced several other improvements and fixes.

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