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It is spring time and we are changing for you. The new version of MySurveyLab (21.1) is now available. Among the changes, you will find a completely new survey editor with a drag & drop mechanism, a possibility to edit active surveys, and updated carry forward question.

  • New survey editor, with drag & drop mechanism
  • Ability to edit active surveys
  • New mechanism for managing survey structure, with drag & drop interface
  • Improved carry forward question
  • Other changes and fixes

New survey editor, with drag & drop mechanism

Our survey building module was designed from scratch. The new interface uses drag & drop mechanism, this way adding questions to the survey is extremely fast and convenient. To add a new question to the survey, simply select it from the list on the left, and then drag it to the survey design. The question will be immediately added to your survey project.

The ability to edit active surveys

Now you can also edit active surveys. Selected activities such as adding or removing questions and changing the location of the question will still require the collector to be turned off. Remember that editing of active surveys and surveys for which results have been already collected has consequences. Be especially careful when removing questions. Deleting a question from the survey also means removing the same question (and collected for the question responses) from the report.

New mechanism for managing survey structure with drag & drop interface

A completely new mechanism for managing survey structure with a drag-and-drop interface. Thanks to this, you can easily change the place of question, page, or block in the survey.

Improved carry forward question

We have improved carry forward question. Now you can add additional answer options in the columns, in order to deepen the answers provided by the respondents.

The carry forward question allows you to dynamically build questions based on responses given by the respondent (to previously asked questions). It remembers the responses given by the respondent and allows them to be displayed in another question.

* Funtionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other changes and fixes

We have introduced a number of minor changes, improvements, and fixes. We have moved the survey settings and bank of questions into a more accessible place (new menu on the left). We have added a new element that allows you to place dedicated information pages at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the survey.

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