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Popraw response rate z nowymi zaproszeniami ankiet

The next version of SurveyLab (18.9.0) is now available. Implemented changes improve the response rate of your research projects. Among new features, you will find new email invitation templates, sign-up with Google, and new improved survey logic.

  • New email invitation templates
  • Sign in with Google
  • Updated survey logic
  • “None of the above” option
  • Other changes

New email invitation templates

We have redesigned email invitation templates. Now you can see how your survey or test invitation will look like as you design it. You can easily change the content of the invitation, add formatting, language version, or logo. We have corrected invitations with a link and with an embedded survey in the email.

In addition, each invitation can be personalized. You can use any data stored in contacts (name, surname, phone, custom fields) and dynamically update the content of the invitation. Thanks to this, each respondent will see individually tailored content.

Sign in with Google

Who wants to remember another login and password? Now you can sign into MySurveyLab using your Google account. Safe and easy.

Updated survey logic

We have updated advanced survey logic options. Now you can use language settings to create a different version of the same survey for different languages. Do you want to add extra question only for respondents from the UK who will consider Bretix? Now it is super easy. You just need to add survey logic that will display additional question if a certain language has been selected.

* The functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

“None of the above” option

We have added “none of the above” option for multiple-choice questions. If the respondent selects the option all other answer choices will be automatically deselected.

Other changes

We have introduced a set of changes and improvements, including translation updates, online help, and bug fixes. We also moved the widget branding settings to the branding tab. Now all the settings for the appearance of the surveys are in one place.

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