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Czy warto stosować ankiety na stronie internetowej?

Website intercept surveys in the form of widgets, pop-up windows, and questionnaires for website visitors come back! They’re one of the best ways to get insight from your website viewers and collect the Voice of the Customer. You may find it hard to believe if you still remember the old and ugly, intrusive pop-ups that made it impossible to navigate through a website. However, the range of possibilities available now for gathering data from your website viewers is far more diverse and user-friendly and their benefits are numerous. Find out why they’re a great idea! 

Real-time feedback

Using website intercept surveys you’re asking visitors for feedback at the exact time and place of their engagement with your content. As a result, you’re getting back spontaneous and most accurate answers relevant to their current customer experience. On top of that, the reports are also drafted in real-time, so you can get immediate alerts in case of any shortcomings and introduce improvement plans without hesitation. 

As we’re observing rapid ecommerce growth, websites multiply every day and you can find absolutely any type of business online. In order to stand out from that crowd, you need to focus on delivering the best website usability, high-quality service, and total positive customer experience at all levels. So stop worrying about scaring your customers off with website intercept surveys. Use them smartly and people will surely appreciate your concern and eagerly share their thoughts. They also want to use solutions that evolve and offer constant quality improvement.

No limits

When you’re sending survey invitations by email you’re automatically limiting its reach to people who provided you with their (correct) address and agreed to receive emails from you. But actually, you can’t really be sure if you’re going to reach them all. Part of your mailing might get qualified as spam, another part will reach incorrect folders, some will get lost in the flood of other messages. You should also consider that your potential respondents have different emailing habits and not everyone checks their inbox on a regular basis, some of them automatically bin these types of emails without even opening them. Only a fraction of the people from your mailing list will open your message and just a part of them will decide to click on the survey link. And even if they do so, don’t imagine they will complete the survey directly after visiting your website. This means their answers will be less spontaneous, it will be difficult for them to recall their first exact user experience impressions. Their motivation to complete the survey also drops. Whereas, if you use website intercept surveys they’re more prompt to give feedback as they want to have some influence on their ongoing experience and they would like to get further access to your website content.

Exact targeting

You can target your respondents way more precisely. Decide whether you want feedback from first-time visitors, people only viewing some parts of your website or performing a specific action, visitors from the US only, or those who log in at night. You may want to run a survey on people who only use a mobile version of your service on their tablets or smartphones. Ask customers who completed their transactions if they were satisfied with payment options. Find out what is the most attractive form and place for ads on your website and attract more marketers. Learn all about the cart abandonment reasons in your e-shop to prevent it. With website intercept surveys you get full control over what you want to survey and the possibilities are limitless.

Stronger Call to Action

Website intercept surveys that use pop-ups or widgets usually have higher response rates than email-distributed surveys. One reason for that is that they are a more prominent call to action and they require an immediate reaction : either you complete the survey or close the window. You cannot dwell on the subject, leave the message for later, or postpone the survey completion, which often happens with email invites that are never opened again. And for many, it doesn’t come that easy to reject a well-prepared and justified request. So, when unable to leave the decision for later and faced with a yes-no choice, your respondents won’t be that eager to close the pop-up.

Multiple options

There are plenty of different website intercept survey possibilities to invite your visitors to complete the survey :

  • pop-up windows
  • widgets
  • tabs (top, bottom, side)
  • survey links (e.g. in the form of a button)
  • exit survey

Choose a website intercept survey that best suits your needs and resonates with your visitors.

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