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Wielojęzyczne badania satysfakcji klientów

Apator Metrix S.A. and SurveyLab use case

This is the most convenient way to run satisfaction surveys, which additionally gives us real-time feedback and reports … It’s a state-of-the-art tool suitable for the requirements of the 21st century!

Apator Metrix S.A., Maciej Bliski, Export Manager

Can you tell us a bit about Apator Metrix S.A. and its business?

Apator Metrix S.A. is a leading producer of gas meters and a Polish company with over 70 years of tradition. Our products meet the highest quality demands and current technology trends as well as the diverse needs of customers from all over the world. We are a part of Apator Group, which gathers producers and suppliers of systems and tools to measure and manage the distribution network of all kinds of media (water, heat, electricity, gas). As part of the measuring solutions, the group offers intelligent systems and tools such as electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, and heat meters. The group portfolio also covers modern solutions allowing the automation of the electro energetic network including remote monitoring and steering, automation and security, intelligent connectivity tools. The Apator Group has achieved a strong position in Central & Eastern Europe and the Apator brand products can be found in many European markets and beyond.

Why did you decide to cooperate with SurveyLab and use online surveys?

We have decided to conduct surveys with SurveyLab because of its good reputation and because it’s a Polish company. Moreover, the system is very user-friendly and, what’s important for the customers, it’s not time-consuming.

How do you use SurveyLab in your daily operations?

We perform regular client satisfaction surveys in the form of online questionnaires. We also use the multi-lingual surveys feature as we distribute our products to many countries. This is the most convenient way to run satisfaction surveys, which additionally gives us real-time feedback and reports. With the help of this tool, the surveys are well documented and the analysis becomes incredibly easy.

What are the benefits of using SurveyLab for Apator Metrix?

Most importantly, SurveyLab made it possible for us to automate the process of measuring customer satisfaction, it helped limit the paperwork and save time. It’s convenient because the service is available at all times and always ready-to-use; with just a click, auditors from certification offices or clients can access the documentation.

Would you recommend SurveyLab?

I already have! It is a professional online survey tool suitable for the requirements of the 21st century.

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