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Nowy SurveyLab. Ankiety. Kwestionariusze. Testy.

We are very excited to announce a brand new SurveyLab (13.4). This is the biggest system release so far, with a redesigned user interface, improved performance, and brand new features.

  • New user interface
  • Survey groups (tags)
  • New question "Upload files"
  • Improved teamwork
  • New question logic
  • Other changes


New user interface

We have redesigned our user interface. New SurveyLab has been designed to improve survey creation and management process. Main menu elements have been moved to the left side. Thanks to this change you will be able to switch quickly between different menu elements.

We have merged different question types, so you can change question presentation method and your survey layout at any time.

Survey groups (tags)

We have created a new functionality that allows you to group / tag your surveys. You can create multiple groups (e.g. NPS, CSAT, Marketing, HR, …) and then tag each survey. One survey can be tagged with multiple tags.

New question "Upload file"

New question type that allows to upload a file (e.g. photo taken with your phone camera) directly to the survey by your respondent. This feature creates brand-new possibilities for mystery shopper survey, online recruitment forms, and field research.

* This functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

Improved teamwork

We have added the ability to manage survey access rights using survey groups / tags. Thanks to this feature your user will always have access to surveys with selected tags.

* This functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.

New question logic

We have added new question logic that allows to hide and show questions on the same page. Thanks to this feature you don't need to divide your survey on pages to create logic paths.

Other changes

We have introduced several small improvements, including go to the next page with the one-click feature. This will allow you to shorten the path needed to complete the survey. We have also improved survey report export feature. Now reports export to separate folders, so you can keep your files in order.

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