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The new version of SurveyLab (18.1.1) is now ready. This time, we have provided a completely new module for managing online survey branding, better support for 360-degree surveys, and improved reports management. Among the changes you will find :

  • New surveys branding
  • Better support for 360-degree surveys
  • New list of reports
  • Other changes and improvements

New surveys branding

We have completely rebuilt survey branding management module. The new survey branding module is more convenient to use and gives you more options to control the appearance and behavior of the survey. Now you can change even such details as the color of the survey progress bar, fonts, or the level of survey background color transparency.

We have also prepared two completely new options for survey layout presentation. Two columns. Questions are automatically divided into two columns. One question at a time. The respondent will see only one question regardless of how many questions are on the page. After answering, the next question will be displayed.

In the branding, you will find all settings related to the appearance of the survey.

Better support for 360-surveys

Now, conducting 360-degree surveys is even simpler. You just need to describe the contacts (in .csv file) before uploading them into the system so that they will be automatically assigned to one of five groups. Self-assessment, supervisor (manager), employee, peer, client.

* The functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

New reports list

Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to easily manage reports for surveys, collectors as well as report copies. All reports are presented as a list, which you can filter and search.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced many minor changes and improvements. We have fixed a few bugs and added a few extra alerts in different parts of the system. We have also updated our online help.

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