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URL API and Account Logs

The new SurveyLab (33.2.5) version is ready. This time on the menu we have a new URL API, Account logs, and updated piping (text inserting).

  • Account logs
  • Metric piping
  • New CMS
  • Other changes and improvements


We created a new URL API interface. New functionality allows you to copy the first question answer choices links and paste them into your website or survey invitation email template. This way f.e. you can build a custom email template with your own styles and the first survey question embedded directly in the email. Respondents will be able to start the survey directly in the email and then continue it on the SurveyLab website. The goal is to improve user experience and response rate.

star Functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plan.

Account logs

We added new logs functionality available for account administrators. This way account administrator can verify selected operations performed on the account by different users f.e. deleting survey, collector, or contact.

star Functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

Metric piping

We added new piping (text inserting) functionality for survey metrics. Now you can pipe a metric name or value in directly the survey report. It allows you to build custom reports that include text, graphics, and values based on your survey f.e. a test score with the comments, and additional explanations.

star Functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.


We upgraded our CMS (Content Management System) to provide better support for mobile devices and a better user experience. You will see the biggest change in our online help section.

Other changes and improvements

We added a few fixes and improvements to the online surveys and reports. We added the ability to hide report blocks and pages directly in the report. We have also updated a few translations and articles in our online help section.

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