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Working on a research project can be a complex and demanding process even for a person who deals with research professionally. Therefore, to facilitate the creation and scripting of online surveys, we’ve added a new survey templates page. On the website, you will find examples of surveys, questionnaires, forms, and tests for various industries (transport and logistics, finance / insurance, HORECA, education, professional services, healthcare, trade, media, telecommunications, e-commerce, IT, local governments …) and for various areas of application (marketing, sales, customer service, HR, IT, …). The site will be constantly updated with new examples and survey templates. We want to create a database of ready-to-use templates that will significantly speed up the work on research projects.

All our survey templates are fully responsive and support multiple languages. This means that your respondent will be able to complete the survey on any device (pc / laptop, tablet, smartphone) and in any language. We support languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and languages that are written from right-to-left such as Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian (Farsi). The system will automatically detect the device type and the main language of the respondent’s browser and set the appropriate survey parameters.

If you find a template that you like, simply copy it to your account. You can use its fragment (selected questions, descriptions, colors) or copy the entire questionnaire.

Available survey templates
Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer service, Administration, HR, IT

Templates for marketing and sales surveys

Opinion research, intercept surveys, conjoint, website usability studies, New Product Development (NPD), Friendly User Tests (FUT), A / B tests, sales forms, registration forms, questionnaires related to events (conferences, fairs, seminars, webinars).

Templates for satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Net Promoter Score (NPS / NPS2), Customer Effort Score (CES).

HR survey templates

Research 180/270/360 degrees, Voice of the Employee (VOE), employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement research, knowledge tests, and e-learning.

Templates for educational surveys

K-12, Voice of the Parent (VOP), online tests, training evaluation.

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