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Ankiety online dla studentów

Students pay less for online surveys. Are you a student, PhD student, or Euro 26 cardholder? We have a special offer for you.

For all students, PhD students, and Euro 26 card holders we have prepared a special discount offer for professional online surveys. All you need to do is send us a scan of your student ID card or Euro 26 card and we will grant you with 25% discount for any subscription plan in SurveyLab.

Thanks to SurveyLab you will be able to save time and improve quality of your data. Check some of the online surveys advantages :

Mobile surveys

Any device support, including pc / laptop, tablet, mobile. SurveyLab will automatically adjust survey to respondents’ device type, screen size, and resolution.

Multi-language surveys

Multi-language questionnaires and any language support, including languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and right-to-left written languages like Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian (Farsi). mysurveylab.com will automatically detect language preferences of respondent’s web browser and will display proper language version of the surveys.

Real-time results

Real-time survey reports, with data and time filters. Automatic email notifications. Ability to export data to CSV, Excel, or SPSS format. Access to the survey reports via SFTP or ODBC.

Professional features

Heat map questions, hot spot questions, NPS, ranking, page and question rotation, skip logic, branding, teamwork, ability to hide questions, metrics / csi, embedded surveys, QR codes, email notifications, integration, and many more professional features.

Short time of the research

Your account is ready to use just as you sign up. Simple pricing. There are no limitations for a number of surveys or research projects.

Survey panel

On request, we provide access to one of the biggest online survey panels with 19 million respondents (over 350.000 in Poland) in 65 countries. Short research time 2 – 3 days.

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