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Promocja dla wykładowców i studentów

We welcome all academic teachers and students interested in our services with a dedicated offer! Now you can check out our Standard subscription, which lets you conduct advanced survey-based research projects for the needs of your studies or academic projects, completely free of charge for three months.

It’s a perfect chance for academic teachers to boost their classes and successfully accomplish research projects at the same time familiarizing their students with a tool used by professionals. Our service has been chosen by individual users, students, research professionals, and large international corporations alike. They all value the flexibility and multiple features of surveylab.com combined with the user-friendly interface.

The special academic offer makes it possible for teachers and students to use the extended Standard Plus subscription to surveylab.com for the needs of their classes or academic research. Academic teachers interested in the offer are granted a 3-month free-of-charge access to the Standard account for themselves and their group of students. Once their Standard subscription expires they have the option to use all the basic account features or get an additional 6-month 20% Standard discount.

Anyone can register at surveylab.com for free and use all the basic features of the service. If you want to benefit from the special academic offer and get your free 3-month Standard subscription contact us at [email protected]. Register at surveylab.com today.

The offer is valid until 31 December 2017.

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