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Podsumowanie 2016

2016 has been very challenging for us. We have introduced over 20 big changes and new functionalities to our online survey software, including the update of the survey design, data collection, data analysis, and integration. Among changes you will find :

Branding and payments

  • we have updated our logo
  • we have introduced new graphics for several pages, including our home page, customers, and payments
  • we have introduced new blog
  • we have implemented new payment system

Survey design

Most of the changes were introduced in survey design. mysurveylab.com is a tool for professionals and advanced functionalities are a big part of what we have worked for in 2016.

  • we have introduced new question types (ranking questions, heat-map, and hot-spot questions)
  • better question logic (improved multi-choice question logic, with AND / OR logic)
  • we have added video support
  • we have updated online tests
  • questions, pages, and blocks rotation

Data collection

We have improved the ability to collect responses by email-embedded surveys. Thanks to this feature you can send a survey in email and your respondent will be able to feel it directly on this mailbox without a need to go to the survey page.

  • email embedded surveys
  • updated contacts management

Data analysis

We are continually improving analytical possibilities of our survey tool. We have created one of the best implementations of cross-tab reports on the market, with multivariable support and automatic chi-square calculation.

  • we have introduced better data analysis with crosstab reports


2016 was also a year of integrations. We have prepared integrations and plug-ins for Zendesk, Slack, and Sona Systems.

  • we have prepared integration with Zendesk, Slack, and Sona Systems

2017 will be even more interesting. Soon we will present you with the new user interface. It is not only the look of the service that will change but also ergonomic. We will also present new functionalities including better teamwork, ability to group surveys and tests, new question types (including questions with the ability to add graphical files directly by respondent to the survey), and a new robust survey design engine.

It was all possible thanks to you, our customers. Thank you for being with us.

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