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Usprawnienia narzędzia do ankiet

New main system font, New API, New functionalities. We are happy to introduce new updates to the best online survey and test tool – SurveyLab (30.9.5).

Among many changes, you will find :

  • New main font
  • API V3
  • Export files configuration
  • Improved validation
  • Search engine for the list of responses
  • On-demand reports
  • Smaller changes and improvements

New main font

We changed our main system font to Noto Sans. Noto is an open-source font created by Google. The Noto font family includes over 100 styles and supports almost all available languages. The acronym Noto means No Tofu. Tofu, in this case, means small squares (resembling cubed tofu) that you see on a computer screen in the absence of a language-specific font. Find out more about Noto.


We released a new version of the REST API. In the new version, it is possible to download a list of reports and any selected report. We’ve also unified the query syntax.

Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.

Eksport files configuration

We have added the ability to configure the content of raw data export files. Now you can decide for yourself which columns you will see in the file. We have also added the option of additionally marking questions that were displayed but skipped with the -77 code.

Improved validation

We have added the ability to validate open questions and automatically verify whether the inputted value is a number or text.

Search engine for the list of responses

We have added a search engine for the list of responses. Thanks to this, you can quickly search for any response by Response ID or any information stored in custom fields.

On-demand reports

We have added a mechanism for generating on-demand reports based on contact parameters. This way, you can easily create a report for a selected segment or group, e.g. a branch, department, or region.

 Functionality is available in the Enterprise plan.

Smaller changes and improvements

We improved the loading and editing of long answer lists in choice questions. You need to add a list of 500 stores in the form of an answer option. No problem. We’ve improved PDF downloads in languages such as Hindi and Tamil. We have added the ability to set the time (for the page and the entire survey) for 360-degree research. We added support for the Traditional Chinese language. We’ve also made some smaller fixes and improvements.

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