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Przykład wykorzystania ankiet przez BALAJCZA

Online surveys helped us to learn about the expectations of our new customers and maintain good and long-term relations with existing ones.

BALAJCZA Specialist Translations Agency, Timea Balajcza

Please tell me what does BALAJCZA Specialist Translations Agency does.

Our company has been on the market since 1997. In the beginning, we operated in the financial services sector, however, in seeing the needs of our clients, we expanded our operations in and 2010 we started up the BALAJCZA Specialist Translations Agency (www.balajcza.pl). Within 2 years, we hired 2 new employees and we are planning to hire additional employees in the near future.

We offer translation services (written and interpretation) in all languages and all language combinations. We provide services to large companies, international companies as well as smaller enterprises and private individuals. We specialize in translations in the scope of finance, law, and engineering as well as other fields, requiring specialized knowledge and a professional approach. We work with a group of over 600 translators with an average of 10 years of experience in the profession. The highest quality of the translations as well as the timeliness of their completion, reliable services, and flexibility are what make us stand out. Clients value our openness to their needs as well as the fact that we are able to do so much to fulfill them. The feeling of safety that we ensure to our clients is also of importance.

Why did you decide to cooperate with SurveyLab and use online surveys?

In creating a Translation Agency we had a certain image of the market, in which we wanted to operate. However, we needed more information before we began. We started cooperating with SurveyLab in 2010. This was the moment at which our office was still at the stage of indicating its target client group, the scope of the proposed services, as well as establishing of the specific terms and conditions of cooperation with future clients. We want to focus on long-term as well as more importantly, successful cooperation with our clients.

In relation to the above, what the clients think of us, how they evaluate the level of our services, and whether they are satisfied with our services is of key importance to us. For this reason, firstly knowing was potential clients expect of us and secondly, receiving feedback on the impression of those, who have already used our services is very important to us.

For these very reasons, we have been searching for an effective, easy-to-use tool allowing for online surveys to be conducted for some time now. We wanted to “hear” what our clients perhaps could not or did not want to tell us directly. The online survey seemed the most suitable tool to carry out this task. After thorough market research, we came to the conclusion that the solutions offered by SurveyLab fully meet our expectations. SurveyLab is a tool that is very easy to use. Each of us in the office prepares a new survey with no problem. There is also a possibility to generate an individual report and the cost of using the SurveyLab services is low in comparison to the level of solutions that the service offers.

The aims that we wish to accomplish, i.e. researching the translation services market, meaning learning the opinions and expectations of our potential clients, as well as obtaining feedback from them on the topic of our services, have been fully achieved. Apart from learning client opinions, online surveys allow us to maintain steady and good relations with the clients. Thanks to our online surveys, clients know that we are interested in their opinions. What they think of our company and services counts and has an impact on our offer as well as the level of services provided by us.

How are the online surveys created with the help of SurveyLab used specifically?

The first online surveys created with the help of SurveyLab regarded the expectations and preferences of potential clients in relation to translation services. They were addressed first and foremost to companies with foreign capital that could potentially be interested in our services. Their completion proved to be a great success. They were evaluated as being easy to complete, attractive from the visual point of view, clear, and readable. We were very satisfied with the easy service of generating online reports, which allows for the responses of the persons surveyed to be received and analyzed immediately. This referred to each subsequent survey. Their results allowed us to specifically indicate the scope of the services proposed by us as well as to indicate where our competitive advantage lay, in relation to other translation agencies.

At a later stage, we prepared a short survey collecting the clients’ opinions on the topic of specific services provided to them. The request to fill out an online survey is sent to the client each time, upon the completion of a given commission. This allows us to monitor client satisfaction on a current basis and to react immediately, should such a need arise. As a supplement to the survey, we also use SurveyLab to create a quarterly satisfaction survey for our steady clients. This is a very important element in the verification of their satisfaction, but also in maintaining good relations with them.

What benefits did BALAJCZA achieve thanks to SurveyLab?

The first goal which we wanted to achieve was to learn about the preferences and expectations of potential clients, their opinions on the topic of other translation agencies as well as the indication of the translation service selection criteria (such as – quality, deadlines, price…). At this stage, we were able to successfully indicate our office’s direction of development, taking the scope of the services provided, the group of target clients as well as the specialization according to sectors and languages into consideration. The market online research allowed us, to select specific translators from the very beginning, according to their specialization and experience.

Secondly, our direct aims connected with online surveys regard the contacts and cooperation with clients who are already known to our office. We want to learn their opinions on the topic of areas in which we would improve as well as their possible need for other types of services.

Clients have signaled that our online surveys are very well received. They appreciate the fact that we are interested in their opinion and that their remarks are in fact taken into account. Of course, we listen to the opinions of our clients very carefully, when they tell us what should be improved. If a client signals a specific need in the survey, we always prepare an individual offer, tailored to their needs (expanded offers, promotions, extended payment dates,…).

In terms of the quarterly surveys, this is a very important stage in relation to maintaining good relations with steady clients, who are satisfied with our services. They come back to us. Nevertheless, we believe that client satisfaction should be looked after, and if it is neglected, it is easy to lose it. The quarterly online survey helps us maintain the clients’ emotional involvement. This is very important to us.

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