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Przykład wykorzystania ankiet przez PAYBACK

Online survey tool offered by SurveyLab completely meets our requirements.

Loyalty Partner / Payback, Customer Insights Manager, Tomasz Pietrzak

Please tell us what Loyalty Partner does?

Loyalty Partner is a part of an American Express Group. The company was founded in 1998 by Alexander Rittweger and since that time expanded its services on many markets including India, Mexico, Germany, and Poland. In Poland Loyalty Partner has been operating Bonus Program PAYBACK since 2009, the largest multi-partner Program in the country. Program members collect PAYBACK points for their daily shopping at partners’ stores (for example Allegro, BP, Empik, Real, Multikino). PAYBACK points can be redeemed into rewards, cinema tickets from Multikino, miles from Miles & More, and discounts for shopping. Members can also support Pajacyk charity program with PAYBACK points.

Why did you decide to cooperate with SurveyLab?

We needed a good online survey tool that could support our regular marketing surveys (PAPI, CATI, Omnibus, and focus groups). The most important selection criteria were : time needed to obtain survey report, ability to self-manage surveys, and total cost of performing survey research. Online survey tool offered by surveylab completely met our requirements.

Can you describe how do you use SurveyLab in your daily operations?

PAYBACK grows extremely fast in Poland. We are the leader in direct marketing and we set market trends, therefore it is very important for us to understand our customers, learn about their needs, and look for insights. This includes virtually all of our actions. Very often, even during the design phase, there are many questions and decision points that in a very short time can be addressed and solved thanks to surveylab online surveys.

How exactly do you use online surveys and survey results?

Online surveys created with surveylab mainly serve us as a market research tool, participant’s moods barometer and to gather opinions about our actions. Originally, we planned to use online surveys occasionally but so far we have conducted over 40 online surveys with surveylab.

What are the benefits that Loyalty Partner obtained thanks to SurveyLab?

PAYBACK Program in Poland involves over 10 million cards, 23 partners, and over 100 online shops. Thanks to the unique know-how we provide the highest service standards for our partners and Program members. Online surveys created with surveylab (in addition to a dedicated analytical team and regular marketing research) allow us to obtain feedback from program members in a very short time, which allows us to make the best decisions.

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