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Ankiety online w projekcie finansowanym z Funduszy EU

District of Leżajsk, Learn how SurveyLab helped the District of Leżajsk get EU funding

Thanks to online surveys it was possible for us to reach the intended indicators and acquire EU funding.

District of Leżajsk, Zdzisław Janeczko

Can you tell us a bit about the scope of duties on the position related with promotion, culture, and cooperation with social organizations in the Leżajsk Administrative District?

We undertake tasks promoting the District of Leżajsk which means that among other things we update website content, issue a newspaper, organize events, cooperate with media and non-governmental organizations, and participate in fairs. The District of Leżajsk is quite big for rural conditions as it occupies almost 200 square kilometers and has over 20 thousand residents.

Why did you decide to cooperate with SurveyLab and use online surveys?

With regards to the EU-funded project we were undertaking we needed to conduct a significant amount of surveys. When choosing the supplier we were basing on our research and positive reviews of SurveyLab on online forums.

How do you use SurveyLab in your daily operations?

We use SurveyLab to conduct annual audits, resident satisfaction research, and surveys related with the project that aims to acquire EU funding.

What are the benefits of using SurveyLab for the District of Leżajsk?

Thanks to using online surveys it was possible for us to reach the intended indicators and acquire EU funding. The data that we collect also makes it possible for us to determine next steps in our work.

Would you recommend SurveyLab?

Yes, I’d recommend it for the simplicity of use and process automation. The system of hints and helpdesk is also very effective which makes it possible to plan the research project well.

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