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Track your research projects’ status and main metrics (NPS, CSAT, CES). We are happy to announce new SurveyLab (14.2.3) with survey statistics, trends, a new data export format, and many small corrections and improvements.

  • Trends
  • Survey statistics
  • New data export format
  • Report filters
  • Tags
  • Other changes and improvements


Now you can track your key metrics on timelines. Discover new MySurveyLab survey reports. Track metrics including NPS, CSAT, CES, dynamics of changes, and trends. Trends work for survey metrics. To use this functionality create metrics for your survey first.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise accounts.

Survey statistics

Thanks to survey statistics you can track your research project progress, including the number of collected responses and number of impressions. Statistics are available in survey reports and mailing collectors.

This feature will be especially valued by all our users who conduct market research projects with our online survey panel and all users who track customer satisfaction or NPS. Thanks to survey statistics you will instantly know how panelist recruitment for the research is working and how many customers answered your survey on a given day.

New data export format

We have added a new data export format. Now you can select between formats with answers for single-choice questions saved in separate columns and formats where answers for single-choice questions are saved into a single column.

Current data export format will be still available.

Report filters

We have improved report filters. Now you can build filters that are made of several elements at the same time e.g. citizens of New York and Chicago that have access to the car. Once the filter is created you can save it in the report clone to have easy access to the data you need.


Now you can scroll and filter tag lists for contacts and surveys.

Other changes and improvements

We have improved system performance. We have added information about survey time (seconds) to the report export files. It will allow you to filter data in Excel, SPSS, or any other tool. We have improved survey scripting thanks to copy paste feature for many elements at the same time. We have improved IE11 support. We have corrected a few bugs and improved the user interface.

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