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What’s in store for new year?

While the end of the year is a perfect wrap-up occasion, its beginning is usually a good moment to draw some conclusions from past actions and plan the next year’s strategy. The perspective of a “clean sheet”, fresh challenges, and possibilities fuels our brains. How to make the most of this positive energy and foresee the upcoming trends?

Which way is market research going in 2015?

We like being up to date and actively follow 2014 reviews and 2015 expert forecasts published i.a. by Research-Live or Greenbookblog. Especially so, when we clearly see how they coordinate with the experience of mysurveylab.com and our clients.

We’re particularly glad about the growing tendency to increase the automation of marketing research and, consequently, the strive to achieve better results for less. This is the direction mysurveylab.com is heading as an easy and user-friendly DYI research solution for even the most complex projects.

Many of the experts underline the importance of the extremely fragile and legally limited issues related to personal data safety. Ever more often, the choice of market research solution is based mostly on trust and security. Clients expect a guarantee of their data safety and this reassurance constitutes the basis of cooperation and good relations.

Mobile is still on the rise.

It might not be growing as fast as previously expected, but it surely is inevitable. This type of research should be a part of a standard offer by now.

Real-time data analysis

Real-time data analysis is actually a natural consequence of the soaring mobile and online research market. It’s also a must for any company looking for dynamic development and willing to keep up with its customers.

Among the 2015 buzzwords, experts selected: agility, automation, and convergence. Agility is meant by the capacity to find creative, innovative, and cost-effective, even if not perfect, solutions for complex problems. The ability to automate, already mentioned above, makes it possible to significantly shorten the process and limit the expenses. Whereas convergence is the aptitude to adapt to client’s research needs by offering a diverse scope of services: from perfect research technology solutions through content and distribution to analysis and consulting.

So, at SurveyLab we’re going to let those buzzwords resound through our actions in 2015.

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