Anti-spam policy

Email and prohibited behavior

All email messages sent with the System must contain "unsubscribe" link that will allow subscribers to remove themselves from receiving further email messages. User will guaranty that he will not hide, deactivate or delete "unsubscribe" link from email message.

User is responsible for updating email lists and removing addresses of people that opted-out from receiving further email messages.

If Company identifies that level of unsolicited email messages has exceed market standards, it may block or remove User account from the System.

Ask for permissions

We have zero tolerance spam policy. User understands that his account may be blocked, or deleted for sending unsolicited email messages. It means that all subscribers must agree on receiving messages from the User (the sender).

If you are not sure that subscriber agreed to receive email messages, do not import or enter his data into the System.

- User will not use and send messages to email lists that do not belong to him.
- User will not send commercial email messages to any person that opted-out from receiving email messages.

We act according to US CAN-SPAM Act that describes rules for sending commercial emails. Main points are:

1. It is not allowed to use misleading header information. Information in "reply" and "from" field must be actual and valid, and must identify person or business who sent an email.

2. It is not allowed to use misleading email subjects. Email subject can't mislead recipient regarding message content.

3. Each email message should contain clear description how recipient can opt-out from receiving further emails. User needs to include return email address, or other method that will enable recipients to opt-out from receiving further email messages. Method should enable recipient to be able to opt-out within 30 days. User needs to stop sending email messages within 10 business days.

4. Each email must contain valid postal address. Each email message should contain actual and valid postal address.

Spam and abuse reporting

If you suspect that System has been used to send SPAM please let us know promptly on email [email protected], we will take necessary actions.

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