Cookies in SurveyLab

Last updated: 17 FEB 2021

What are cookie files

Cookies are small text files stored on the user device in web browser memory. Cookies help identify user device and properly display web site (in our case online questionnaire or test) with individual user preferences.

How we use cookie files

We use cookies for survey navigation, for work automation (e.g. discount code authorization) and to create anonymous aggregated statistics that help us better understand how our users use SurveyLab, improve it and adjust to specific client needs.

What kind of cookies we use

We use two kind of cookie files - session and persistent. First one stays on user device until session end, second one stays until specific date that is set in cookie file parameters.

session ID We can save information how users use our service. This information can contain most often visited pages or communicates about errors. This type of cookie files helps us improve our service and improve comfort of our users.
discount code Informs us if user used discount code. Thanks to this information we know if user has been granted with discount code and we can automatically activate it in the system.
sales code Helps us better support our clients and assign account manager on our site.
navigation Information allows navigation inside survey / test. Cookie files help us identify on which survey / test site respondent currently is and display next page after he/she clicks on navigation button.

How to remove cookie files

User can any time remove cookies from the web browser memory or change cookie settings and this way block possibility to save cookies in a web browser memory.

NOTE. We recommend to turn cookies support on in the web browser. Limiting of cookie usage can impact some functionalities of SurveyLab.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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