Heat map questions

Last updated: 16 SEP 2023

New set of changes and features for MySurveyLab is ready (10.2.3). In this system update you will find a new type of question "heat map" and improved survey branching logic for multiple choice questions.

  • heat map
  • better survey logic
  • other improvements

heat map

Heat map is advanced question type, in which respondent gives answer by marking selected area on the picture. Survey report is presented as a heat map.

better survey logic

We have improved survey branching logic. Now you can set multiple logical conditions with logical operators AND and OR for multiple choice questions. Using this functionality selected page can be displayed only if a certain combination of answer choices has been selected by respondent.

other corrections

We have improved right-to-left written languages support such as Arabic or Hebrew. We also made several small corrections and improvements.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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