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Last updated: 10 APR 2022

MySurveyLab version 8.11 is ready. In the new version of our online survey and questionnaire software you will find improved API and new work automation features.

  • improved API
  • integration with PrestaShop
  • improved skip logic
  • improved required questions
  • automatic contacts clean up

Improved API

We have improved response ID mechanism by adding feature that allows MySurveyLab to transfer unique response id on any survey redirection page.

Integration with PrestaShop

We have created an online instruction describing how using HTTP referer mechanism you will be able to integrate with PrestaShop 1.5. Are you managing online shop and you are looking for professional feedback and survey tool to measure customer satisfaction, NPS, collect voice of the customer, or learn more about people visiting your service - contact us.

Improved skip logic

Now you can set up action finish survey also in page skip logic.

Improved required questions

We have improved required questions feature. Now if respondent will skip any required question system will automatically go back to this question to help with survey completion.

Automatic contacts clean up

Functionality allows on automatic contacts clean up in defined periods of time - 3, 6 or 12 months. New feature will be especially useful for all our client that manage big contacts databases and use mailing features.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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