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Jakub Wierusz
21 Jul 2023

Enhanced Teamwork and Google Drive Integration

Teamwork has never been so easy. We have also added integration with Google Drive and introduced many small fixes and improvements. A new version (32.0.4) of SurveyLab surveys and tests is now available.

Jakub Wierusz
06 Mar 2023

Surveys and tests for Universities

You need 1000 users. No problem. We have implemented a solution that allows you to manage a large number of accounts and takes care of users’ privacy. Meet SurveyLab 31.1.3

Jakub Wierusz
12 May 2022

Metrics, notifications, periodic reports

We are happy to present SurveyLab 30.0.0. Among the new functionalities, you will find : new metrics, notifications, recurring reports, remembering the tag selection, the “Not applicable” option, an extended Add file question and many smaller changes and improvements.

Jakub Wierusz
20 Oct 2021

New features in SurveyLab – October 2021

We are happy to present new SurveyLab [v 28.0] features for the choice question (option OTHER), the new Zapier integration, and improved reports and survey results export functionality.

Jakub Wierusz
31 Aug 2020

New survey Dashboards

We are excited to present new survey Dashboards, the ability to edit active surveys and an improved API.

Jakub Wierusz
22 Jul 2019

New question types. Stars. Hearts. Faces.

New types of questions, new integration mechanisms, and improvement of available functionalities. See what’s new for you at SurveyLab for the summer holidays.

Jakub Wierusz
27 Jun 2018

Online surveys programming and integration

The new version of SurveyLab (18.13) is now available. Among many changes, we are happy to present REST API, a new kind of “carry forward” question type, new options for configuring survey widgets, better service of surveys in kiosk mode, and many more.

Jakub Wierusz
14 Jan 2018

LiveChat integration

We are very happy to introduce SurveyLab and LiveChat integration. LiveChat is a popular tool for easy and convenient communication with your customers, users, as well as anyone visiting your website or eshop.

Jakub Wierusz
07 Oct 2017

Video, Questions bank

New SurveyLab (16.0) version is ready. This time among many new features you will find video support (with hosting in mysurveylab), questions bank, PDF export, new question “drag & drop”, Google Analytics integration, and many small changes and improvements.

Jakub Wierusz
20 Jul 2017

Disc and Dropbox integration

SurveyLab 15.1.3 is ready and so are new features. Among changes, you will find an online disc, Dropbox integration, piping (text inserting), a simplified process for adding contacts, tag colors, and other changes and improvements.

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