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Nowe pytania. Gwiazdki. Serduszka. Buźki.

New types of questions, new integration mechanisms, and improvement of available functionalities. See what’s new for you at SurveyLab for the summer holidays.

  • Star rating question
  • Yes / No question
  • Improved slider question
  • Improved API and Webhooks
  • Other changes

Star rating question

We have added a new type of question that will allow your respondents to vote using stars, hearts, faces, and other graphic symbols. The question allows for building a maximum 10-point scale, on which scale is presented in the form of graphic symbols. Basing on this question, you can build metrics and complex satisfaction indicators.

Yes / No question

Another new question type. Also enabling voting based on graphic symbols. This time, however, there are only two options Yes / No (thumbs up / thumbs down). Basing on this question, you can build metrics and complex satisfaction indicators.

Improved slider question

We have added the possibility of setting the step on the slider scale and setting the slider label, e.g. %, $, or min. Thanks to this, you will be able to build, eg. scales 1 – 100%, with the option of selecting only certain points on the scale – an answer every 5% or 10%. Convenient, isn’t it.

Improved API and Webhooks

We have updated our API. Now you can call the webhook using any event identified by the metric, eg. low NPS score. We also added the possibility of using parameters in emails triggered by metrics and in the slack channels. In this way, you can provide information such as : crk, response ID, email, name of the respondent.

* The functionality of Webhooks is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other changes

We have introduced a number of minor improvements and changes, including improved reports for the ranking question.

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