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Ulepszona współpraca i integracja z Google Drive

Teamwork has never been so easy. We have also added integration with Google Drive and introduced many small fixes and improvements. A new version (32.0.4) of SurveyLab surveys and tests is now available.

This time among the changes :

  • Survey sharing
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Dashboards
  • Other changes and improvements

Survey sharing

Teamwork has never been so easy. Now you can share the survey or dashboard you created with another user directly from the survey project. You can also easily see which users have access to the surveys you created.

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* Functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Integration with Google Drive

We have added the ability to integrate with Google Drive. The functionality allows you to automatically synchronize the results of selected surveys with your Google account. Survey results are saved on your disk as a CSV file and refreshed automatically as soon as a new answer is collected for the survey.

* Functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.


We have improved dashboards responsiveness. We have also added the option to change the object color. This will allow you to better adjust and customize your reports.


* Functionality is available for the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Other changes and improvements

We’ve made several smaller fixes and improvements. We improved the login mechanism. We updated the pages with payment history and integrations. We have added the option of piping the {rk} element in the content of surveys and in the message presented at the end. We have added the ability to hide question statistics in the report. We have added the ability to hide the asterisk for mandatory questions. We have also added the ability to set the height of the open-ended question and hide labels on the slider. We have improved 360 Feedback collector statistics and grouping for the list of respondents. We have hidden the UPGRADE button for users with a role other than Administrator and Owner. We added support for Sarabun and Anuphan fonts. We also improved some translations.

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