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Nowe Dashboardy ankiet

We are excited to present new survey Dashboards, the ability to edit active surveys, and an improved API.

Among the changes you will find :

  • New Dashboards
  • Possibility to edit active surveys
  • Audio files support
  • Updated API
  • Other changes and improvements

New Dashboards

Dashboards are a unique functionality that allows you to create reports and combine data from various sources. This way, on a single report you can display data from various surveys, collectors, or reports that present different data segments. If you haven’t used dashboards yet, now you have one more reason.

We have redesigned the functionality of dashboards. Now you can create a new dashboard or modify an existing one much faster. You will also immediately see the effect of each change and you will be able to quickly change the size and shape of each object.

* Functionality is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Possibility to edit active surveys

We have updated the survey design module with the option of adding answer choices to surveys for which answers have been already collected. Removing the answer choices is still disabled to protect data integrity. We would not like you to accidentally delete some of the collected answers.

Remember that each change to the survey affects the collected data and reports.

Audio files support 

We have added audio files support in .mp3 format. Now you can add sounds and audio recordings to your surveys and tests.

Updated API

We have corrected the error messages for the Webhook API. Now the messages are available in JSON format. We also updated the REST API with the ability to export metadata such as the language (ISO format), type of device, operating system, or web browser used by the respondent. We also added Unix timestamp information to the API : dateStartUnix, dateCompletedUnix.

More information about Unix time can be found on Wikipedia Unix time.

* Functionality is available for the Enterprise plan.

Other changes and improvements

We have introduced a number of small changes. We have improved the cross-tab reports, updated the export of aggregated results to Excel (we added information about the NPS result), export to PDF. We also improved the tokens and the way metrics are displayed in dashboards.

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