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Integration with Salesforce

Last updated: 30 AUG 2023

Customer insight. Information about customer needs, ability to track "sales funnel", access contacts history, information about products / services customer is using, is one of the key elements that allow you to build a competitive advantage and improve sales efficiency.

MySurveyLab adds to this ability to measure customer satisfaction / NPS after each contact, ability to create customer scoring, and perform ad hoc surveys on contacts from Salesforce.

What do you get thanks to the integration :

  • Easy integration with customer data in Salesforce.
  • Ability to measure customer satisfaction / NPS on each contact with a sales representative.
  • Real-time customer scoring.

To start work you just need to create an online questionnaire in MySurveyLab and modify selected email template in Salesforce, simply :

  1. Sign into Salesforce and go to email templates.
  2. Edit email template and add survey link.
  3. Use http referrer or response id to identify your customers and collect additional information in your surveys.

For more information about the integration please refer to our online help Integration with Salesforce. If you need help with integration of MySurveyLab and Salesforce or any other CRM / SFA system, please contact us.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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