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Online shopping abandonment analysis

17 MAR 2012

Internet shops are spending big amounts of money to attract new clients into their websites. While the marketing budgets grow researches and experts show that 90 - 99% of eshop clients abandon purchasing process before completion.

In other words it means that at best only one client on ten will finalize a purchase. The remaining nine clients will abandon shopping and in most cases eshop won't have any knowledge what was the reason of abandonment. 9 on 10 eshops are not collecting any data about shopping abandonment reasons.

First and most important step to increase number of successful transactions is to understand the reasons why clients are leaving before shopping is finished. Online surveys are a great tool to do it.

Most common reasons of shopping abandonment :

  • price too high
  • I don't have money right now
  • too long delivery time
  • just comparing prices
  • just researching
  • can't find a product
  • too complicated shopping process
  • no size available
  • too complicated web site navigation

Each abandonment reason needs a separate strategy. Below you will find two examples.

Clients that don't have money right now but are interested in purchase should be provided with installment purchase or "bill me later" option.

"Client that is only researching", usually it means that he needs more information to take a decision. Right strategy for this group of clients should be to keep in touch also as the client leaves eshop web site. This kind of approach will improve chances to finalize a purchase on the next visit. online surveys advantages

  • ability to place surveys on eshop web site as a link, popup or web widget
  • ability to collect data about a place (URL) where survey has been opened and completed
  • branding - ability to change survey colors and adjust it to eshop layout

author: Jakub Wierusz

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