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Last updated: 21 JAN 2018

We are happy to announce (9.4) and new set functionalities. Our online survey tool just becomes better. This time we have focused on :

  • survey formatting
  • anonymous reports for mailing collectors
  • other changes and improvements

survey formatting

Now you can format your surveys. You can make text bold, italic, underline it or change font color. You can also place a link (URL address) in anywhere in your survey.

text formatting

anonymous reports for mailing collectors

Now you can make your survey results and reports fully anonymous when you use mailing collectors. This is especially important for HR surveys (e.g. employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys) where data anonymity and respondent identity is crucial.

anonymous reports

other changes and improvements

Improved survey reports, updated multi-user accounts and contacts management features.

author: Jakub Wierusz

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