voice of the customer

Voice of the Customer

Last updated: 04 DEC 2018

Do you know what your clients and users talk about your company, products or services? What they like and what annoys them? Voice of the Customer can help you find answers to these questions.

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a term used to describe feedback collection process. It generally includes customers' experiences, preferences and expectations regarding your organization, products and services.

VOC appears often as an element of satisfaction improvement programs, new product development processes and in various kinds of projects.

How Voice of the Customer can help you.

  • better fit of your products & services. Adaptation of products and services to your customer needs.
  • improve quality. Feedback plays a key role in quality improvement process and in focusing on elements that influence customer satisfaction the most.
  • savings. Savings and better budget management thanks to focus on elements that are the most important for your customers.
  • quicker problem identification.

Voice of the Customer can be collected in many ways - with questionnaires, online surveys, social media (f.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), individual interviews, focus groups, observations or claims log analysis. We recommend using a mix of tools in order to gain insight from different perspectives.

How effectively collect Voice of the Customer with online surveys.

  • provide an easy way for your client to share his/her opinion. Keep it short (we recommend that your questionnaire is no longer than 10-15 min) and keep it easy to understand.
  • adjust data collection channels to your clients. The survey should work on any device - smartphone, tablet, pc/laptop.
  • let your client know that his/her voice has been heard. Close the loop and return to your customer with information how the problem has been solved or why some kind of solution is not possible.
mysurveylab.com allows to collect Voice of the Customer with online surveys. Advantages of our tool are :
  • multi-device support and mobile surveys - smartphone, tablet, pc/laptop - enables information collection in a moment client has contact with your company or product.
  • QR codes allow to save survey link and place it where your customers are (f.e. point of customer service, hotel reception or restaurant table).
  • automatic email notifications about new responses, enable quick reaction.

autor: Jakub Wierusz

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