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Survey tokens

A token is an individual access code for your survey. You can send it by email or print it and then hand it over to your respondents. It will allow you not only to secure survey access but also you can make sure that each respondent will complete it only once. The solution provides full privacy of the provided responses. 

To use token functionality :

  1. Go to the collector Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced collector settings.
  3. Turn on Access with token and enter tokens separated with ENTER.
  4. Press SAVE button.

It will secure access to the survey with a token.

In order to download survey tokens : 

  1. Go to survey report.
  2. Press [D] Download report button.
    Task bar
  3. Select option TOKENS (CSV).

NOTE. This option will secure survey access with a token. Only the person with a token will be able to take a survey. Token once used can't be used a second time.

Functionality can be used to collect feedback in a situation where employees / respondents share a single computer to take a survey.

*  Functionality is available in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

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