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URL Link

URL Link is the most universal collector type. It is perfect for email distribution with your own mailing solution, it can be placed on your website as a link, pop up window, or QR Code.
URL Link

To create a new collector :

  1. Select a survey for which you want to add a collector and click [C] COLLECT RESPONSES button.
    Crate collector
  2. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button.
    Add collecotor
  3. Press + ADD COLLECTOR button or just copy the collector link if a simple survey link (URL) is what you need.
  4. Select URL Link and press SAVE button.
  5. Now you can choose a data collection method – Link, Popup, or QR Code and set up your collector.
  6. Link
  7. QR Code
    QR Code

NOTE. Please remember that in order to collect responses, you need to [E] ENABLE the collector.