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Collector options

Collectors allow you to collect responses for a survey. Each survey can have any number of collectors with individual settings. You just need to enter the collector title. All other parameters have been predefined for you for easy change and setup.

For each created collector you can define how the responses will be collected.


Set the survey distribution method

  1. URL Link. Select this option if you want to collect responses through a web link (URL), Facebook, pop-up, or QR Code.
  2. Email / SMS invitations. Select this option if you want to send a survey invitation directly from the system, as an email, SMS, or email-embedded survey.
  3. 360 feedback. Select this option if you want to conduct 360 surveys.
  4. Widget. Select this option to collect responses on your website.
  5. Mobile app. Select this option to collect data offline with a mobile app.
  6. Buy responses. Buy a dedicated sample with our online survey panel.

NOTE. SMS length is limited to 160 characters and if you use special national characters (eg. special characters for languages like Polish, Czech, …) it may be limited to 70 characters. It is the SMS standard limitation. It means that your message will be divided into parts and the cost to send such a message will be higher. However, on your respondent device, it may be visible as a single message.

Survey behavior after completion

  1. Jump to website. After survey completion, a respondent will be automatically redirected to a selected website. For example https://www.surveylab.com
  2. Display summary report. After survey completion system will automatically display a report with survey results.
  3. Start new response. After survey completion, a respondent will be automatically redirected to the first page of the survey.
  4. Generate contest code. The system will generate and display contest code on the survey end.


In this section, you will find advanced survey settings. If you are not sure how to set up certain options, leave default settings.


  1. Survey thank you page. Set a thank you page that will be displayed on the survey end.
  2. Email notifications. Set email notification frequency. Set automatic email notifications for your survey. You have five options – none, instant, hourly, daily, or weekly.


  1. Multiple responses per respondent. Decide if the respondent will be able to complete survey only once or multiple times (multiple responses per one survey, useful for kiosk surveys, survey stands, or computer labs).
  2. Going back to previous page. Decide if the respondent will be able to go back to the previous page of the survey.
  3. Survey available from. Define time and date survey is available from.
  4. Survey available until. Define time and date survey is available to. After this point survey will be automatically closed.
  5. Repeat survey every. Allows you to repeat the survey every X months.
  6. Include GPS data. Allows you to save GPS data of the respondent’s mobile device. Requires respondent consent and GPS data turned on.


  1. Total responses limit. Define maximum allowed number of responses for a survey.
  2. Quota full (URL). Set URL redirection for quota full.
  3. Early screen-out (URL). Set URL redirection for the respondents that don’t meet the sample selection criteria.
  4. Set time limit for. Set a time limit for the whole survey or each page.
  5. Time to complete (min). Set a time allowed to complete a survey.
  6. Restrict navigation out of survey. Check if the respondent is not leaving the survey and display a message or block a survey.


  1. Close widget on survey end.
  2. Display widget each X visits.


  1. Password. Secure survey access with a password. Same for all respondents.
  2. Access with a token. Secure survey access with a token. Different for each respondent.
  3. IP Filter. Limit or allow access to a survey for selected IP addresses.NOTE. To enter the IP range use the following entry example


  1. Response Key. Allow external applications (for example CRM, eShop, Portal) to manage the way survey responses are collected.
  2. Synerise API token. Token for integration with Synerise marketing automation platform.

* Response Key feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.