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Data collection and analysis for a research paper can be a difficult and time-consuming task. SurveyLab can help you significantly reduce the time needed to create and conduct online research, and with real-time reports you will be able to start data analysis without any delay. Sing up for FREE and check our innovative online survey system.

SurveyLab is professional and easy to use tool that enables you to create online surveys, questionnaires, tests and forms. No software to download or install, all you need is a web browser.

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Surveys for dissertation


Conduct online survey for dissertation thesis or your academic work. Gather friendly feedback for your work.
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Data analysis

Data collection

Conduct statistical research and analyse results in real-time. Speed up your work with cross tab reports, CSV, Excel or SPSS export and more. Automate data collection process for your research.
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Online tests

Online forms

Test and exams. The system will automatically calculate a score at the test end. Registration and contact forms.

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Survey example - research and academy

Powerful features
Complete research platform. Online surveys. Forms. Tests.

+ Online survey panel. Over 100 M respondents. + Export data to CSV, Excel, SPSS.
+ Sona Systems integration + Display test result at the end.
+ Rotate pages, questions and answer choices. + Secure access with a password or token.
+ Any language support. + Easy to use.

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